Leveraging Featured Snippets

Leverage Featured and Connectively

Featured products and collections can significantly boost your SEO by highlighting key items and improving internal linking. Here’s how to leverage them on Shopify and WooCommerce:


  1. Featured Products: Go to your Shopify admin, navigate to Products > Collections. Create a new collection or edit an existing one. Add products you want to feature. Use the Featured Collection section in your theme customizer to display these products on your homepage.
  2. Internal Linking: Use the Navigation section to create menus that link to your featured collections. This improves site structure and helps search engines understand the importance of these pages.


  1. Featured Products: In your WordPress dashboard, go to Products > All Products. Edit the product you want to feature and check the Featured option. Use a widget or shortcode like [featured_products] to display these on your homepage or other key areas.
  2. Internal Linking: Use the Menus section under Appearance to create custom menus that link to your featured product categories. This enhances navigation and SEO.

By strategically featuring products and improving internal linking, you can enhance user experience and boost your eCommerce site’s SEO performance.

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