Understanding Do-Follow Links

Understanding Do Follow Links

In the context of SEO, a “Do Follow” link is a hyperlink that allows search engines to follow it and pass on the link equity (or “link juice”) to the target site. This is crucial for improving the target site’s search engine rankings.

How to Create Do Follow Links in Shopify

By default, all links in Shopify are “Do Follow” unless specified otherwise. To ensure a link is “Do Follow,” you simply need to add a standard hyperlink in your content. Here’s an example:

Visit Example

This link will be followed by search engines, passing on any link equity to the target URL.

How to Create Do Follow Links in WordPress (WooCommerce)

Similar to Shopify, WordPress also treats all links as “Do Follow” by default unless specified otherwise. To create a “Do Follow” link in WordPress, you can use the following HTML code:

Visit Example

Alternatively, you can use the WordPress editor to add a hyperlink, which will also be “Do Follow” by default.

Checking for Do Follow Links

To verify if a link is “Do Follow,” you can inspect the HTML code of your webpage. Right-click on the link and select “Inspect” or “View Page Source” in your browser. Ensure that the link does not have a rel="nofollow" attribute.


Creating “Do Follow” links is straightforward in both Shopify and WordPress. By default, all links are “Do Follow” unless you explicitly add a “nofollow” attribute. These links are essential for passing link equity and improving SEO rankings.